S13: Failure Mechanisms in Advanced Materials and Structures


Many advanced materials and structures have emerged in recent years to meet the sophisticated demands for high strength, lower density, high ductility, high conductivity and other superior mechanical or physical properties. These materials and structures include ferroelectric ceramics, superconductors, metamaterials, quasicrystals, functionally graded materials, photovoltaic materials, biomaterials, MEMS devices and so on.

This symposium will focus on modelling, simulation and characterization of failure behaviour of advanced materials and structures. In particular, mathematical modelling, experimental study and numerical simulation of failure behaviour of advanced materials and structures under various multiphysical disturbances will be the main focus of the symposium. Research papers are welcome on characterization, mathematical and computational modelling and experimental research of the failure mechanisms of various advanced materials and structures, such as biomaterials, high strength metals, functional materials, metamaterials, soft materials and composite materials under various loading conditions.

Special Issue of the International Journal of Fracture

Noteworthy contributions will be invited to submit full manuscripts for a special issue of the journal.  Special Issue Webpage


Zengtao Chen (University of Alberta, email: Zengtao@ualberta.ca)

Minghao Zhao (Zhengzhou University)

Cunfa Gao (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, cfgao@nuaa.edu.cn)

Stathis E. Theotokoglou (The National Technical University of Athens, Zographou Campus, stathis@central.ntua.gr)


Zengtao Chen (email: Zengtao@ualberta.ca)