The current program for ICF-15 has 90 sessions that are spread across 21 symposia in the Omni Hotel. We have scheduled 13 Plenary and Honor Lectures, over 350 Contributed Presentations, and more than 20 Poster Presentations! Each day of the conference begins with a Plenary/Honor Lecture for all attendees, followed by symposia in parallel sessions and additional content for the day.


The conference materials posted here are finalized with updates received before June 5. Any further updates to the schedule are posted in the SCHEDULE UPDATES document, which will continue to be updated as needed through the conference.  The following links will direct you to the conference program and abstract pages.


Schedule Updates, Corrections, and Announcements SCHEDULE UPDATES

The page linked here is being updated with all general announcements as well as schedule corrections and changes made after June 5.


List of all Talks and Posters Alphabetized by Presenting Author FULL CONFERENCE- ALPHABETIZED

Please reference the SCHEDULE UPDATES file above to see changes since the FULL CONFERENCE-ALPHABETIZED  file was posted


List of all Talks and Posters, including Extended Abstracts, sorted by Symposium ABSTRACTS BY SYMPOSIUM

The links here to ABSTRACTS BY SYMPOSIUM are being updated throughout the conference and should reflect the current version of the schedule


Printable PDFs of the Full Conference Program, At-A-Glance Summaries, Map of the Meeting Rooms and other Helpful Information CONFERENCE PROGRAM DOCUMENTS