Micro-structural Damage Analysis for Predicting the Effect of Loading Path on Ductility of Two-Phase Steels

The purpose of this study is to predict the effect of loading path on ductility of two-phase steels based on micro-structural damage analyses. A micro-structural damage model that consists of 3D micro-structural FE-model and ductile damage model is proposed. Isotropic / kinematic hardening model is introduced for considering the mechanical behavior of Bauschinger effect. The effective damage concept for considering micro-scopic behavior of Bauschinger effect which is dislocation behavior in loading path change is introduced into the damage model. Two types of ferrite-pearlite two-phase steels with different volume fraction of pearlite, and ferrite and pearlite single-phase steels are used. Tensile tests using micro-tensile specimen extracted orthogonal to pre-strained direction from tensile pre-strained round-bar specimens are conducted. Ductility is increased due to loading path change, and the effect is greater in the case of higher volume fraction of pearlite. The mechanism of the effect is analyzed by numerical simulation based on the proposed micro-structural damage model. It is presented that the improvement of ductility by loading path change is caused by micro-structural heterogeneity, delay of necking due to mechanical behavior of Bauschinger effect, and non-effective plastic strain for damage evolution due to micro-scopic behavior of Bauschinger effect.