Estimating plasticity and ductile damage model parameters for S355-S690 steel from mill test certificate data

Accurate finite-element simulation of the fracture of metals requires the calibration of plasticity and fracture modelling parameters based on mechanical tests on the material. Depending on the complexity of the model, each different material that is modelled requires a number of non-standard tests followed by a calibration process. This paper derives relationships between mill test certificate data and the plasticity and damage model parameters for S355-S690 steel in order to enable the quick application of generally representative plasticity and damage models to these steels without the need for repeated manual calibration of each material. The relationships are obtained by regression analysis between a database of 2597 mill test certificate results (of tensile and Charpy tests) and a parametric finite element study in which the parameters of a Hollomon-type stress-strain model and the Modified Mohr-Coulomb damage model were varied.